Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Indian Educational Services (IES)

This seems to be a brilliant idea. It would be interesting if and how it takes shape. But certainly kudos to Kapil Sibal for re-initiating the proposal.

I strongly believe that the canvas for such reforms is not only huge but also within reach to be able to paint within a decade (or even less!). All it would take is the focus on solutions rather than cribbing. And that I believe is not a far fetched dream these days. Personally, having observed the 'system' from within (atleast to some extent) in about 4 countries now during the last 5 months, I certainly sense more energy in India. One just cannot miss noticing the aura around. For instance the graffiti I saw on the pavement walls on the streets between the Andheri - Churchgate area caught my attention the first thing I landed a few weeks back in India. These were interesting in two ways. Firstly the art was more pleasing than the spit-paints that existed before. Secondly there were some nice messages displayed in some innovative formats. I am sure it would go a long way just like the IES proposal in reaching its target audience - i.e us. The changes are happening!

As they say in marketing, its all about the right target and the right campaign. Rest will take care of itself.

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