Sunday, June 29, 2008

A gr8 Sundae!

Had a wonderful Sunday afternoon..
Having food, reading newspaper on the chair outside the restaurant out on the streets.. in this amazing weather (20 deg C) in the company of cool breeze.. Ohh, I'm lovin it.
Moreover observing ppl moving on the Boylston Market Street brought up 2 major feelings in me..

1) Felt as if it was the 8th century India when ppl used to move in complete oblivion of their worries enjoying the company of their mates.. and yet here I am in the 21st century US.

2) Observing the way the couples of various age groups held each others hand, I did see a pattern.
A pattern in the way they felt in each others company.

...clicked a few pics..but won't share them for free :P
Let there be light :)


When u know something's gonna happen.. is that expectation?
Or is it belief?? ;)

Kya karein kuch logon ke funde hi clear nahi hai :P

Friday, June 27, 2008


Had a date with the Father of my field :)
1000 papers..
500 patents..
200 companies..
One Man.
Mazaak hai kya?

There is plenty of room at the bottom!

These days everybody seems to be so busy.
Mac D : I'm lovin it..too :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lab Discussions

Topic of the discussion: If you can't avoid it, enjoy it.
I came up with the following:
Agar chor khidki se ghus raha ho toh.. darwaza khol do.. bhag jayega.

Glass half full?

No matter how hard you try.. seeing glass half full will only quench ur thurst :)

[phoenix] Ascetic Me??

FYI.. with all humility.. this ascetic is learning ballroom dance in amrika..and making good progress at it :)
I want to be the most ascetic materialist this mankind has ever produced :P

Enjoying the contradictions..
Awareness is everything :)


I read it somewhere:
Everybody is self-centred. Its only the radius that matters.

Understanding it now :)

Life and Death

Why do we fear death?
Fear of failure is reasonable as we can work hard to avert it. But death is not a failure. It is as inevitable and as natural as life.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

About Me

I don't prefer talking unless it is needed..

...Am i changing?

I don't know.. but thank u.
... i guess, thats it :) 

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

This was my first visit to a museum of this kind. Not exactly the first visit to a museum as I had visited one back in Bombay when I was a child. But the previous experience had left me feeling much apprehensive for this one. Moreover the word 'Art' in the name ranged alarm bells in my ears. As even though I appreciate art I have no technical sense as one of my friend who is a great painter. So I feared I would be easily spotted out as a naive amongst the 'elite class'. Par fiter toh mai hu hi.. So I mustered all the courage (The little Technical Art Wisdom I have, in case I end up in an artistic conversation with fellow visitors) and entered the museum ...lekar prabhu ka naam.

To my astonishment it was not the 'Modern Art on paper' that I had envisaged. It was truly a holistic art museum if one may say so. The 'art' comprising vivid expressions of human society and thus was obviously out of the bounds of 2-dimensional sheets. Though there were some canvases as well but even they seemed to bring alive multiple dimensions in their portrayal. Thus I was now on a comfortable pasture but the ground to be covered was even more stupendous task. So I decided to take free guided tours with the museum personnel to the various galleries in the museum each lasting about an hour and half ish.

It started with the 'Art of the Asia' tour. The firang lady guide first took us to the Indian section. Showed us a Ganesha statue procured from a place dating to 13th century A.D. Madhya Pradesh. Now this was amazing.. Imagine hearing the story of Ganesha from a firang. And she told us the story about the birth of Ganesha. It sounded wonderful coming from her. After this, how could mostlybhu remain silent? So, I told her and the fellow visitors another story of Ganesha which everyone seemed to enjoy :) Then came other deities, coins, stone engravings all belonging to various dates back in various points in time of the Indian civilisation. There were some early Indian paintings too.. mostly on tree bark kind of stuff. Next came the Buddha section and the Chinese gallery. This I must say was one of the most humbling experience for me. We all know that though Buddhism started in India but its true growth actually took place in China. The museum's effort in creating a 'real' Buddhist temple of the 8-10th century A.D. was simply awesome. There were a huge wonderful collection of statues of various Buddhas. Yes for the uninitiated like me, there are actually believed to be different Buddhas with different characteristics in Buddhism. And this was the advantage of a guide that we were provided key inputs from the civilisation during those times. It helped as it came from rigorous program that each guide has to go and was certainly more than what we have read from our history books.

Next was the Chinese section that raised a few deep thoughts in my mind. May be we Indians have a grudge against the modern day China mostly because of our experiences, competition, oppressive communist policies of China or whatever. But there really existed a profound exchange of ideas between the early Indian and Chinese civilisation and that was clearly evident in the galleries. Also after seeing the Chinese culture in their architecture (that was displayed through a 8th century A.D. Chinese house), paintings and other symbols I am totally convinced about the proximity of both cultures. Moreover, seeing the progression it was quite apparent that we seemed to have forgotten our roots (may be because of the Mughal invasion, the British Colonalisation or whatver) while the Chinese through their diligence have built upon their base (may be by resisting all invasions??) to achieve what they have achieved so far. Thus, now I am not as frustrated on seeing a Chinese in US as I am on seeing an Indian in US. The only reason being the difference in their attitude. Hope the future generation including me realise our potential as has been documented in the vedas and the Upanishadas. We have a way to go before even thinking of 'calling Bombay the Shanghai of India' or even 'blaming the Chinese Communism for the failure of Nuclear Deal'. There is a severe need for introspection.

Finally came the Japanese section which was more of an influence of Chinese culture. The only different aspects being the vividly coloured Kimonos on display and the Samurai culture. As I was wondering over the Chinese section didn't get to absorb much of the Japanese section.

Thus the tour ended and came the realisation that yours truly was infact out of the lab on the pretext of attending a technical conference (which had actually finished before I entered the museum ;) ) and thus needed to get back to the lab ASAP. Fortunately, I could revisit the museum on my ticket. So I decided to cover up 'The Egyptian and the Ancient Greek and Roman World' in my next trip. As I am not used to writing long posts, I would cover up the other tour, which was equally enlightening, some other time.


Had been restless for the last few days and was unrestful when the day began. and was until late afternoon when some discussion with a lab mate brought up the song chura lo na dil mera.. to my mind from the movie Kareeb. Posting the video below. 
Now seem to have got the vibe back :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today's fortune: You are very expressive and positive in words, act and feeling.

kya baat kar raha hai?
Gud nite.


Itna mat socho..
jo achcha lagta hai karo..
zindagi mein aaye ho..
khao, piyo, aish karo aur mar jao...

prakash ko rehne do ;)

The Aries Effect


.... I guess it is only in silence that we can better comprehend the Aries Effect like any other effect in life.
Know Thyself.

Monday, June 23, 2008


God, like all the moments in the past and all the moments to come in the future please give me the strength this one last time to carry out the task I am here to do.


You don't know what's in store for you until you go out shopping.

When you do what you have to do then you get what you have to get, which almost always is more than what you want to get.

21 years of my life

I can't believe that I am 21 yrs old. Not that I ain't mature enough.. On that front I guess I am more mature than a 40-50 yr old (or atleast equal coz after that I guess the reverse trend begins) and I am sure the ppl who know me would agree on that.
But just the feeling that I have spent 21 long earth years on this great planet makes it unbelievable.

Let there be light :)

Believing is Everything.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Leisure & Me

One of my biggest problem is that I take leisure too seriously.
Mujhe sudharna hoga :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Love and Loss

Its about one of the pleasant experience I had last week...

To begin with, my stay here in US of A is turning out to be a really good one. The interestingly weird part being that my 'Todays Fortune' in Orkut is coming out at the appropriate time everyday... I guess, this may be because of the time difference between India and US and the time at which Orkut updates its server! What implications does it have??! I don't know... But this post is not about that.
I have been fortunate (as usual :)) to have met all the wonderful people out here. I am really thankful to everyone to have provided me a new perspective on life :)..... But this post is not about that too.
Its about the way the events shaped up before and after the loss of my cell phone.... and its about the realisation I had during the whole process that has made me to come up with this post.
So, here goes the story...

I was on this beach called 'The Revere Beach' in Boston when I lost my phone. I admit that it was completely my fault to begin with... But as I have mentioned in one of my previous posts... you can never be choosy about the experiences you have, but you definitely have the choice to decide the way you want to feel about it. In my case, I think thats what was in store for me. As even after identifying the guys who stole my phone, I didnt approach them... I know what you must be thinking about me right now :) But thats the way I am. And the reason I am writing about this incident is that strangely I did not feel like loosing anything after the incident... To cut the long story short... when I called to my phone, a guy picked it up and demanded 100$ to get the phone back. Moreover he asked me to come to a secluded place in Boston to collect the phone. When I narrated this to a friend at the fraternity where I am staying, he suggested me to call the police and seek their help. Now here in starts the most interesting part...
The police department transferred me from one office to another. Finally, one of the officer asked me to visit him in person to lodge the complaint :) After going there, this is what I had to hear from the Massachussets State Police official, "We are short of personnel to accompany you and better you dont go there as you may get shot down. This is a bad bad world, dude." Imagine this coming from a police officer in the US of A :) I guess you are getting to what I am trying to point out. It does not matter if we are Americans, Europeans, Asians or Africans. At the end of the day we are all the same...HUMANS... the way we function, the way we think.

Uptil here it was all a learning and I did not feel anything... again that's me :) May be thats because of the experiences I have had in my life till now. And as I have again mentioned in one of my previous posts... I m learning to enjoy the contradictions. But when it was time to buy a new phone did it occur to me the loss I had just suffered. Loosing the phone numbers can always be regained I guess. But with the phone goes all your cherished SMSes... memorable pictures... and videos that you had preserved for so long, managing the memory each time not to delete those special ones even by mistake. But with the loss of this phone everything was just lost for ever... Moreover for me, the phone I had just lost was the last new thing, I had stubbornly demanded from my Dad... :) This experience was a reminder to me and may be for all of us to 'passionately live a dispassionate life'...while enjoying the contradictions of life.

Again I wish this for you as I wish for myself...Let there be awareness. And before it gets too dark...Let there be light!

Sunday, June 01, 2008


As mentioned in the Videos post... from now on I also plan to post the multitude of quotations and thoughts that come to my mind daily.... afterall why should I suffer alone? So, here goes the thoughts post:

If your sole mission in life is to find a mission then you are inevitably bound to find one.

knowledge is just an awareness, the point is to understand the need and needs arise out of awareness.

not creating a problem is solving one.

there is nothing about me that you would want to know, except who i am! and that depends on who you are.
so first tell me who you are and then i would tell you who i am.
'know thyself'

"a guaranteed return for your money."
egoist or self-confident?
i am confused.
check out for yourself and let me know.

i spent so much time knowing myself that i forgot who i was.. so right now, i am what i am.

(new knowledge)/(eagerness to know) = 1

god wants us to be atheist so that in learning his greatness we can discover ours.

when u are alone, don't talk to anybody.

The greatness of a theory lies in the simplicity of its practicality.

There is either a right way or the wrong way. The middle path leads nowhere and the previous two leads to the same destination called death.

True knowledge lies in staying ignorant of what you know.


Its said that a picture speaks more than a thousand words... 
how many equivalent words could you find for a video?

So, in an attempt to express my feelings and my thoughts, I would in this post be putting up video links of the videos that have had an indelible impression on me. I am sure each one of you  would enjoy it as well....

aur haan... from now on I also plan to post the multitude of quotations and thoughts that come to my mind daily.... afterall why should I suffer alone? But that would be in a different post.

and one last thing... recently I read that "The best part of attaining a goal is the journey"... so I guess I would like to share this wonderful journey of mine to have the goal of a meaningful life for one and all.

So, here goes...