Friday, July 15, 2011

Thoughts - Part 7

I think it is getting tough for me to keep aside the 'Thoughts' series! Have a few single topic posts in draft now but these thoughts just seem to leave no space for me. So while the long ones can wait even longer, here goes another in the current series. This one on the heart-mind duality:

I have no questions but I would still like to find some answers now.

Isnt it amazing how many wonders a resolve can bring for you?

Agar duniya mein timepass karne ke saadhan nahi hote toh hamara timepass kaise hota?

Agar hum sab samajhdar ho jayenge toh samajhne ke liye kya hi bachega.

It is not that complicated. Nothing is!

Follow your heart but just dont let it get outside your body.


Never let it build up.

Living a good life is hyped.

Mann ko jo achcha lage, karo!

Monday, July 04, 2011


Dear God,

Please may I never forget the fact that "This too shall soon pass".

Yours faithfully..