Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Indian Educational Services (IES)

This seems to be a brilliant idea. It would be interesting if and how it takes shape. But certainly kudos to Kapil Sibal for re-initiating the proposal.

I strongly believe that the canvas for such reforms is not only huge but also within reach to be able to paint within a decade (or even less!). All it would take is the focus on solutions rather than cribbing. And that I believe is not a far fetched dream these days. Personally, having observed the 'system' from within (atleast to some extent) in about 4 countries now during the last 5 months, I certainly sense more energy in India. One just cannot miss noticing the aura around. For instance the graffiti I saw on the pavement walls on the streets between the Andheri - Churchgate area caught my attention the first thing I landed a few weeks back in India. These were interesting in two ways. Firstly the art was more pleasing than the spit-paints that existed before. Secondly there were some nice messages displayed in some innovative formats. I am sure it would go a long way just like the IES proposal in reaching its target audience - i.e us. The changes are happening!

As they say in marketing, its all about the right target and the right campaign. Rest will take care of itself.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Is it a Google thing?

The number of visits on my page from all parts of the world even when I am less active keeps increasing these days. If its not a Google thing I would love to have some feedback as well ;)

The Observer

When I read back some of my last few posts I realise how irregular I have been. Most of the times being constrained by the inability to manipulate the IT settings of the company laptop or transitioning from one place to other or at other times being super busy with work. But these past 4 months I have definitely learned as much if not more that I have learned in the past 22 years. Infact it has been a sort of unlearning which combined with the learnings of 22 years is making me see things in totally different perspectives. Couple that with the fact that I have been almost around the world in the last 80 days! I understand its a dream and now the only thing I want is to be able to put in practice what I have learned. To follow what I have observed. To get a chance to grow again!

Meanwhile one of the experiences here in Liverpool brought the following thought in my mind:
- Life is as easy/ difficult as you make it to be. The key being: To live YOU gotta make it anyways matey!

Merry Christmas :)