Sunday, June 27, 2010


"The more civilised (read: learned) I get, the more I realise that I am a born rebel."
- I want the source of this to remain unknown.

Hope this journey never ends, is all I can say !


aditi said...

The more civilized I get, the more I realize how less civilized I am...

Tapasya said...

Step 1. I get more civilized.
Step 2. I realize it was more fun being uncivilized.
Step 3. I get back to being even more uncivilized for a while.
Step 4. I realize I need more discipline and civilization to do well in life. So I goto Step 1.

The infinite loop continues :D

Bhushan said...

[aditi and Tapasya] True but sometimes life moves from one step of the cycle to the other so fast that there remains no time to understand whats happening.. and its not being busy or idle.. it seems to be something else! Dont know if ever i can find an answer for that..