Thursday, July 17, 2008


I have been keeping myself from writing this for quite sometime now. But I guess I cant keep it anymore. Preparing to leave the place was painful and whole of the last week was just overwhelming. Having met so many wonderful ppl and recieving their love and affection in abundance was simply overwhelming. In order to not expose my vulnerable side ( which is a janmon janmon ka issue with me as mentioned in A new me) I might have been weird in my behavior here most of the times. Sorry to anyone if that had hurt!
Weirder are things back here I guess. If only the politicos could realise the harm they are doing to their own progeny, at the least. CPM and BJP coming together should be the worst thing to sheve off the nuke deal. The kind of forces that have formed the opposition are really threatening. The fundamentals of their existence are being shattered. The sad part is that they know that we the people will choose to ignore this (atleast thats what they are hoping and unless we wake up this is gonna continue) and vote them back in the next election. Because afterall they are over own Hindu saviours and workers' messiah against the Italian watchdog.
Enough damage has been done now to wake up. We have been ignorant in the guise of being 'tolerant' and in the process have lost the shine of our past. I pity those who still believe that India is a super power and that it is the light for the world. The chidiya has long deserted us not because they stole it but because we in our ignorance guised as tolerance has allowed that to happen. The ignorance today is to not understand that without adopting to technology we cant feed over ever increasing population. Do they aspire to feed this population on the basis of a hand plough? Or are they hoping for some Devata to come down and help us cross the bridge?
I would be the last one to believe the necessity of one particular thing as the sole saviour. But the ground reality is that India badly needs infrasturucture to support its growth. We all know this. Power is one major issue and this deal is one good step in that direction. If you dont like it please suggest an alternative. Ignoring the problem is the worst way of 'solving' it.
Let there be light :)


Geetika said...

Well said. Ignoring the problem is never a way to solve it. The political scenario of the country is getting worst day by day. The selfish politicians are shame for this country. Look at the kinda of things going before the vote of confidence. Truly sad. :(

mostlybhu said...

true. spent the last 2 days glued to the debate on tv. was enriching.

zapper said...

nice article written from the heart!!!

keep writing shinde :)

mostlybhu said...

Thank u zapper :)
aap hi ne toh hame jeena sikhaya hai :)