Tuesday, July 01, 2008


The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible.


aditi said...

OH wonderful:)
I rmember reading this in my class 11 physics book and loving it....beautiful...did you have the same source by any chance?

Phoenix said...

I dont believe Einstein. He said it so it sounded challenging and ppl wanted to do it :P :P

mostlybhu said...

ya. I find his spiritual side more wonderful and relevant.
I actually found it on web.

Would it sound less challenging if someone else wud hve said it?
'I dont believe Einstein' - needs more explaination!

Phoenix said...

Obviously, it's like if einstein, or someone as respected says it...the reaction that comes it...he sees this whole mess as comprehensible solvable and understandable!! that means we shouldn't give up and keep trying to sort it, because there is now a guarantee a solution exists, even if we with our smaller brains :P :P cant seeit just now.

It's the same as if a teacher gives a really tough problem to crack in a class, which nobody seems to make head and taiil out of and would easily believe there exists no solution to it, but when the teacher says there is a way out, it kinda forces u to concentrate harder n buy it.

So playing on that psychology, I like to believe that Einstein just said it so people never quit trying. :)

Of course, my personal opinion.

mostlybhu said...

1. Ya. May be we dont need to have some 'as respected' ppl to guide us on the path of life. I buy tht concept too.
2. I also believe that we do always try to figure out the reason to make ourselves happy with our 'smaller brains'.
3. So in the case of students as well, there r some who wud work on a way out without the teacher telling them..in fact provided that u agree with my 2nd point above, we all end up finding a solution as per our level of understanding.

So personally, I dont feel the 'need' of Einstein too.
Is tht y u dont 'believe' (feel the need of) Einstein?

But still my belief/disbelief in Einstein has nothing to do with the acceptance of the statement he made :)

Geetika said...

[mostlybhu n pheonix]I think somehow comments are better then the original post :P :P :P :P :P

mostlybhu said...

Gud observation skills :P :P

Geetika said...

I know :P
You see in experimental research observation has to be strong :P :P