Thursday, July 03, 2008


X: If u get up u will be awake.
Y: But the train goes to Mars.
X: Do you  like mango?
Y: I prefer football.
X: Its cold outside.
Y: Ohh the children have the umbrella.
X: But its hot.
Y: Good so the train is late now.
X: Are u awake?
Y: Goodnight.


Phoenix said...

Reordering adds sm sense to it, actually. :P

Geetika said...

I agree with phoenix :P :P :P

mostlybhu said...

[phoenix & geetika]
I intended to make it the most incomprehensible and i still believe it may make sense but wont convey what crept into it unintentionally :)

and i realised this later (yet another unintentional fact to begin with) that this was my '42nd' post. A remarkable feat for everyone who knows 'The Answer' :)

mostlybhu said...

sry.. 42nd for 2008.