Wednesday, June 29, 2011

'I want to be'

So it was the last of the three long weekends here in June and off we went to the City of Lights - Paris. Hopefully the last trip in this rotation. For I seem to have accomplished the (only) objective I had set for this one ;) As usual there were lots of thoughts going through my mind during the trip but the dominant of them was that in the end everything is lost in the history. To be discovered again and lived and lost... and discovered and lived again and lost and so on... and on.

Anyways I have now got the following professions added to in my 'I want to be' list:

Train driver at Disneyland, Paris.

Security at the Eiffel tower.

Curator of the Louvre museum.

Is it possible? ;)

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aditi said...

Happens. Even the good moments someday become history. And sometimes you wonder what to do with them when they are gone..treasure them or give in to the sense of emptiness that it's done?

"Is it possible" is if you really want it to be:)