Monday, June 13, 2011


I wanted to update this blog for long. In fact wanted to be a regular here since even longer. Still do..!

I believe its the time and again realisation that one has, having tasted the pleasure of penning *posting* down stuff even for once during the lifetime. That time for me is now. To reinforce to myself the anchoring role this platform has been and will continue to have in my life. This ofcourse has been made possible by all the fellow bloggers who have encouraged, supported and motivated through the different phases this blog has gone through. Particularly Kayal, Phoenix, Vik, Vinayak, Ach_85, Geetika, Aditi and Kauzzy (in order of arrival) for being around the longest. You guys are the precious ones :) Hope to get your continuous support and some new patronage as well in the future!

So without further ado I hope this innings goes on to be the best for a long long time to come!


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Good to see you writing again:)