Monday, April 13, 2009

Little things that piss me off..

So I am back in Delhi and as mentioned in previous post could actually gather some strength to do the 'To Do' list !! Need some more strength though :) Was waiting for a special moment for this post :P and now that it has come its time to do vik's tag. My first tag! It really was FUN and I feel relieved after the whole excercise. Without further ado here goes the tag..

First the rules: "Write about things that piss you off, and the reason in brief. No rants, they only make you more miserable. This will let you let it out in a civilized manner. And please, not things like terrorism, politics, poverty or moral policing. Write about small, mainly personal things, things that you directly and often come across during the day."

1) Ridiculing others: Ok. So you have had a lot of experiences. I do credit you for accepting that you are not perfect. But ridiculing others when unasked for is the worst thing according to me to boost your ego. And if you say this is a friendly banter I think there is a difference between banter and ridiculing 'out of habit'. I might not get the fun part but this incessant habit of yours does more harm than good. So unless someone is hell bent on not changing their irksome behaviour (I personally believe even then this should be the lastest resort) I see no point in ridicule as a habit. And if you need to have your scoop of fun let me know I will suggest you atleast 10 others less hurting to people.

2) Cribbing: Agreed that there are things beyond someone's current reach. Things that are troubling you now or things that you just dont have control of. But cursing yourself or the society or the situation wont take you anywhere. I Also acknowledge that some use cribbing as a way of relieving the pressure. Thats a personal choice and acceptable until you are in control and dont suffer from its side effects. But personally I would rather prefer to devote some energy in easing the situation by working towards the solution than looking for a temporary relief.

3) Adamant Behaviour: There may be situations sometimes when the other person might make a valid point. Rarely as it may be, but believing that such an event can never occur just makes me pity you. So sticking to your point only because YOU have made it (Thats how it seems!) rubbishes all good points you have made to date.

4) Call Back: When you say you will call back. I wait for your call !! I understand you were busy. But why make the promise in first place?! Ok, for some people now I have set it as default to not process those words when they say it :)

5) Bargaining: Except for the bargaining with autowallahs in Delhi on the exorbitant demands they make, I see no point in bargaining. If the person feels that (s)he could make a fortune out of the little extra bucks they make out of me, I love to grant them the pleasure. Waise fortunately I havent been duped many a times and was mostly saved by the presence of ppl who bargained for me. So its high time I start loving this act ;)

Thats it! :)

I tag AC, Adil, Kauzzy, NMG, Vinayak & Ayush Try karo bhai logon..Its interesting!


Vik said...

@#2. The X-Y talks on this blog seem to be your way of 'easing the situation by working towards the solution'. And they are always very interesting. :)

Bhushan said...

@vik: HAHA!
Glad you like it :)
There are other ways too :P
btw one immediate benefit of your tag..I had my first consciuos non-auto bargain today which saved me 700 bucks!!