Saturday, January 03, 2009


Things will be what they will be,
That doesn't mean you should stop acting.


ach_85 said...

this is one dilemma that I often face. That when things are to be what they have to be, why should I work (maybe this should be the first line in my constitution of laziness :P)

But maybe this whole universe can be some kind of huge numerical simulation where conditions at previous iteration are determining the results of the next iterations (OK,you must be thinking somebody is overdoing his MTP :P)
But then think about it, maybe 'the thing that has to happen anyway' is also a function of how we are acting now :)

mostlybhu said...

I guess u have put it rightly..
The code is already written (the extent of it is debatable, but I believe its the whole of it!) with whatever objective that we may not know now. So things in broader sense will remain what they will be.
All we are expected to do is to feed in proper conditions for the next iteration, get the output and then derive pleasure (or lack of it) from the fact that it was our input that made the program run.
I sometimes wonder when we would know, if ever we know (Are we at all supposed to know?), as to when we would be required to feed in the input conditions for the last time for the program's execution.