Sunday, June 01, 2008


As mentioned in the Videos post... from now on I also plan to post the multitude of quotations and thoughts that come to my mind daily.... afterall why should I suffer alone? So, here goes the thoughts post:

If your sole mission in life is to find a mission then you are inevitably bound to find one.

knowledge is just an awareness, the point is to understand the need and needs arise out of awareness.

not creating a problem is solving one.

there is nothing about me that you would want to know, except who i am! and that depends on who you are.
so first tell me who you are and then i would tell you who i am.
'know thyself'

"a guaranteed return for your money."
egoist or self-confident?
i am confused.
check out for yourself and let me know.

i spent so much time knowing myself that i forgot who i was.. so right now, i am what i am.

(new knowledge)/(eagerness to know) = 1

god wants us to be atheist so that in learning his greatness we can discover ours.

when u are alone, don't talk to anybody.

The greatness of a theory lies in the simplicity of its practicality.

There is either a right way or the wrong way. The middle path leads nowhere and the previous two leads to the same destination called death.

True knowledge lies in staying ignorant of what you know.


kayal said...

may be the middle path leads to happiness...
u write good....

mostlybhu said...
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mostlybhu said...
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mostlybhu said...

thanks man :)

ya, may be...but i guess that a sincere walk on either the right way or the wrong way wud also lead to a meaningful life...and so after reaching the destination called death... dont u think that there wud be happiness as well?

Phoenix said...

True. Nice post.

...someone... said...

simple language, deep ideas ...makes a perfect reading ;) .....nice dude !! wld surely come back again to read other old and new posts ...... !!

ach_85 said...

sir.. update kab karoge

mostlybhu said...

Thank u :)

would wait for you :)

ho gaya.. sir

Vik said...

"when u are alone, don't talk to anybody."- Wow! Good one!

About the right way and wrong way.. there was this dialogue in a movie which went like.. "there will always be a right way, and a wrong way; but here you've got to follow none of them.. Here, you've got to follow the Army way." Can be modified for the civilian life too.. of constraints, duties and all.

mostlybhu said...

Thank u :)
dil ki awaaz dil tak pahunchi..khushi hui.
gud1 on army way..
'just do what u r supposed to do'