Monday, April 06, 2009

March a memorable month..

The last time I wrote was special and I am amazed I could pull that off :D

Well whole of the last month was exciting. It started off with the much awaited Goa trip. It was our first trip in 5 years and as I mentioned it on orkut: It just had to be special!
Then was the one lone minor - 'The last minor of IITD life' (or the last 'second minor' if you like it that way!).
Followed by a special birthday celebration :P (again the last one in IITD!)
Immediately came an awesome departmental (dulla) party which everyone seemed to enjoy in their own special way (including me :P :P).
Then came the longing to be at home and the wait for a week during which I had a terrible health. Worst in this semester :(
And ya I am going back to Cambridge! This time just for one week for Novartis' orientation. Couldn't believe myself when the news came as I had given up all hopes of visiting that place again especially after I dropped plans for PhD. But excited to visit that place and meet everyone almost exactly an year after I came back :)

and now that I gather myself to write on my last day at home, I think of the things I have to finish off before leaving IIT Delhi. If I could follow the schedule, I would have like no time to sit down like this for the next two months. Dont know if I could do that!!

And that includes completing an interesting tag by Vik which I am sure I would have a great time contemplating. But due to my lethargy in general as with other things in life over the last three months I have left this one unfinished too!

I need some strength :)


Geetika said...

Great going dude ;)
And Vik ka tag is worth doing.
Wishing u lots of strength and good luck ahead.

Bhushan said...

@Geetika: Thanks a lot for the wishes :)
The tag will be out soon too!