Sunday, January 20, 2008

Open up

Samay ke baad aur bade logon ke pehle kisi ko bolne ka mauka nahi milta.

Well the first part is simple. I had the student discount coupon to Domino's and forgot to mention it while placing the order. Thus had to forgo the offer.
Now about the second and also a bit about the first. Had a busy Sunday today. First the GRE class, then a meeting with the meditation group followed by a lunch together. Then the "History in the making" UK-India Entreprenuers Summit. It turned out to be an exhilarating event. But in order to not spoil the image of IIT, as had happened 3 years back when a senior posed a stupid question to the then Chinese Premier, I was sceptical about myself right from the start. Why do I think so much? So I ended up not raising the most pertinent issue and letting it all go unspoken.

May be it was because of the one mistake I made early in my life that is holding me back most of the times to speak out my mind. But then to dissect further, I have been an introvert throughout my life. I distinctly remember not claiming a prize though I was way ahead of the winner back in pre high school. May be its because I tend to be perfect within, before expressing it out to the concerned. In the process not letting the concerned know the whole picture and leaving the subject decieved with the outcome of my stupid conclusions. May be its because of this whole scientfic assumptions and methodical training that I recieved early in my life. I am not blaming it all to it. Coz it has helped me in some of the crucial events. But still there is room for improvement.

Its hard time, I start applying the first sentence of this blog which is a fact of life. May be thats what all our pursuits are directed towards. Haves are different from Have Nots because they have got this point strong in their head. We always look for that extra time that extra space to use and if you waste all that time in thinking to perfection, Man you are not gonna make it. Open up.

Lately, I have started observing things that were so obvious to others. Don't know if it was because I had no time before or I was heading in the wrong direction. But its good to be learning the fulfilling lessons of life. And as I have said over and over again: Let there be illumination. Let there be light.

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