Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Preface

“Don’t resist the effect”, were the last words he could recollect. And that he maintains to date, has made all the difference. It wasn’t easy then and isn’t now.

Sometimes dealing with the effect has this strange quality of being difficult, especially when the cause was unintended for. You may ask how many causes do we have control over. Most times we are the subjects of random events in life. And, boy oh boy, was Tarun aware of it. 

But to think of it, acceptance is one word that is highly underrated. Everything else in life is overrated. At least that’s what he had experienced so far. If there was one thing he believed strongly all his life, it was this “Follow your heart. But never let it get outside your body.” He has been the epitome of practicality. He is a man of strong will. He has persevered many a times. But alas he is also a human. This is his story and whole of his life has been a flashback.

It wasn’t the first time he had heard something similar. But this was a reaffirmation he needed now. As he lay on the bed in the operation theatre, the doctor asked for a new pair of forceps and a knife.

...To be continued 

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