Friday, January 11, 2008

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

No, this post is not a review of the 4th book of THHGTTG series. But one thing a casual reader of this blog would have guessed from my recent posts and the aura around this blog, is that I am a big fan of THHGTTG. Well, that I am.

But this one is even closer to my heart. Here in lies the answer to my life, universe and everything around me. The incidents that have shaped me are the ones I value the most. Its not by choice that I invited them. But I do take the responsibilities of the acts I performed, which I believe were the apt thing for me at that point of time. Obviously, thus I may have been weird, incomprehensible or repulsive at times. But with all your support and goodwill today I am in a position to understand life from a different perspective which would have simply been impossible if none of you were in my life.

Now that I stand on yet another crossraod, a crossroad I have been eying for long, all I feel is hope and zeal instilled by you. Let me have the strength to spread this vibe among the people around me.

Let there be light.

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