Monday, June 23, 2008


God, like all the moments in the past and all the moments to come in the future please give me the strength this one last time to carry out the task I am here to do.


Phoenix said...

Good luck, n let fate come to you.

Geetika said...

God is merciful. He will surely give you the strength.
By the way, I think you should write a post on the Aries effect!

mostlybhu said...

keeping my fingers crossed :)

ya i m banking on that :)
k i will try.. waise its too complex for me to write a post on it.. to put simply i came across a book a couple of weeks ago which had in it the peculiar characteristics of Arians. I being an Arian too, easily identified with it and after visiting ur blog the belief became stronger. I didnt particularly believe in such things before. I can give u the book when i come back to India.. for now i can just write about my take on it.