Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life and Death

Why do we fear death?
Fear of failure is reasonable as we can work hard to avert it. But death is not a failure. It is as inevitable and as natural as life.


Geetika said...

Why do we fear death? As far as u think abt urself, it's okay. I can take it natural and inevitable.
But thought of loosing loved ones is really scary! :(

mostlybhu said...

ya i agree..
But I got this realisation after loosing the person responsible for my existence on earth :)
So, i guess it is inevitable anyway.. u don't loose the connection wid ur loved ones even after death...
so why fear death?
Wudn't it be better if we realise this without loosing someone? so that we get to enjoy most of what we have :)

mostlybhu said...

waise i think that was d Arian in me.. always out with an opinion..
especially when challenged :P

Phoenix said...

I love death as much as life. Adore it, sort of.

Ok, I know that sounds crazy. :P

mostlybhu said...

'as much as' doesn't sound crazy. It makes the same sense as ur 'The Zeroth Commandment'. But when either becomes stronger it becomes a problem.

I guess most ppl fear death because their love for life becomes stronger.
While some on the other end of the spectrum cross over the tipping point and end up their life.

Interesting thing this equilibrium point 'as much as'. May be the frustrations result over the rest of the spectrum :)