Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lab Discussions

Topic of the discussion: If you can't avoid it, enjoy it.
I came up with the following:
Agar chor khidki se ghus raha ho toh.. darwaza khol do.. bhag jayega.


Phoenix said...

height of optimism!

Geetika said...

gandhigiri [:P]

mostlybhu said...

It is simple fear - cause and effect. If u go by the window, he/she may hit you.. Open the door and the thief will fear someone coming and run away.
Is that optimism?

Is that gandhigiri? [;)]

mostlybhu said...

on second thoughts 'gandhi wud also hve refrained directly confronting the thief for the thief may retaliate harder..instead playing on the thief's fear to abnormal response for an action like mine' ...gandhigiri i guess?
what say phoenix?