Sunday, June 29, 2008

A gr8 Sundae!

Had a wonderful Sunday afternoon..
Having food, reading newspaper on the chair outside the restaurant out on the streets.. in this amazing weather (20 deg C) in the company of cool breeze.. Ohh, I'm lovin it.
Moreover observing ppl moving on the Boylston Market Street brought up 2 major feelings in me..

1) Felt as if it was the 8th century India when ppl used to move in complete oblivion of their worries enjoying the company of their mates.. and yet here I am in the 21st century US.

2) Observing the way the couples of various age groups held each others hand, I did see a pattern.
A pattern in the way they felt in each others company.

...clicked a few pics..but won't share them for free :P
Let there be light :)

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