Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Love and Loss

Its about one of the pleasant experience I had last week...

To begin with, my stay here in US of A is turning out to be a really good one. The interestingly weird part being that my 'Todays Fortune' in Orkut is coming out at the appropriate time everyday... I guess, this may be because of the time difference between India and US and the time at which Orkut updates its server! What implications does it have??! I don't know... But this post is not about that.
I have been fortunate (as usual :)) to have met all the wonderful people out here. I am really thankful to everyone to have provided me a new perspective on life :)..... But this post is not about that too.
Its about the way the events shaped up before and after the loss of my cell phone.... and its about the realisation I had during the whole process that has made me to come up with this post.
So, here goes the story...

I was on this beach called 'The Revere Beach' in Boston when I lost my phone. I admit that it was completely my fault to begin with... But as I have mentioned in one of my previous posts... you can never be choosy about the experiences you have, but you definitely have the choice to decide the way you want to feel about it. In my case, I think thats what was in store for me. As even after identifying the guys who stole my phone, I didnt approach them... I know what you must be thinking about me right now :) But thats the way I am. And the reason I am writing about this incident is that strangely I did not feel like loosing anything after the incident... To cut the long story short... when I called to my phone, a guy picked it up and demanded 100$ to get the phone back. Moreover he asked me to come to a secluded place in Boston to collect the phone. When I narrated this to a friend at the fraternity where I am staying, he suggested me to call the police and seek their help. Now here in starts the most interesting part...
The police department transferred me from one office to another. Finally, one of the officer asked me to visit him in person to lodge the complaint :) After going there, this is what I had to hear from the Massachussets State Police official, "We are short of personnel to accompany you and better you dont go there as you may get shot down. This is a bad bad world, dude." Imagine this coming from a police officer in the US of A :) I guess you are getting to what I am trying to point out. It does not matter if we are Americans, Europeans, Asians or Africans. At the end of the day we are all the same...HUMANS... the way we function, the way we think.

Uptil here it was all a learning and I did not feel anything... again that's me :) May be thats because of the experiences I have had in my life till now. And as I have again mentioned in one of my previous posts... I m learning to enjoy the contradictions. But when it was time to buy a new phone did it occur to me the loss I had just suffered. Loosing the phone numbers can always be regained I guess. But with the phone goes all your cherished SMSes... memorable pictures... and videos that you had preserved for so long, managing the memory each time not to delete those special ones even by mistake. But with the loss of this phone everything was just lost for ever... Moreover for me, the phone I had just lost was the last new thing, I had stubbornly demanded from my Dad... :) This experience was a reminder to me and may be for all of us to 'passionately live a dispassionate life'...while enjoying the contradictions of life.

Again I wish this for you as I wish for myself...Let there be awareness. And before it gets too dark...Let there be light!

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